Property Investment

247 Property offer a niche property investment and portfolio building service.


We specialise in high yield low value rental properties that can often offer high capital gains. Our shops are situated in areas to capitalise on that market.

We don’t hide what we do. We boast about it as we believe we can offer some of the highest yielding property in the UK and deliver consistently in successfully renting or selling this type of property making it a very sound investment.


We have networks of development properties for sale.

We can do the work for you or you can do it yourself. Either way we are here to advise on what makes the property more financially viable for rental or for sale.

We also sell turnkey investments with tenants, furniture and safety certificates with full rental histories going back years.


Typically we operate in selling properties from 10k to 100K. What makes us unique is the letting network that ensures high occupancy.

WE DON’T CHARGE FEES’. That’s why people use us and come back time and time again.


  • Lastly we can structure your strategy for property investment whether it’s a single property or a 150 property portfolio.
  • Many of our clients have built portfolios with our help and advice and we view them now as partners rather than clients.
  • If it’s in our area we already know about it and we will be able to best advise every step of the way. We will know everything from how to design the property master plan that best suits you, to the best finance options available, to TAX and exit strategies.
  • We are also able to advise on the pitfalls included in property investment such as TAX, VAT and market predictions.

New to Market Properties